How do I create a message to send as a newsletter?

The newsletter system lets you create messages to send to subscribers in your list. You can send the content of any Webpage as the message. Therefore, when you create a new message, you start by creating a new Webpage and then editing its content.

You can keep your page Offline if you don't want to show it on your website, or you can make it live and show the message as a webpage on your site as well.

Important: Your page will look different when it's sent as a message to how it does on your website. This is because your content uses a different template for emails. As a result of this, Contact Forms, Mailing List Subscribe Forms and Calendars won't work in newsletter messages.

Next steps:

Once you have added a page and added content, click Publish to prepare your page to be used as a newsletter. You can now proceed to sending it to yourself as a test message or sending to a real mailing list.