How do I send a test message before sending to a real list?

Once you've created a new page and added the content you'd like to send as your newsletter your next step will be to send yourself a test message to preview how it looks.

To do this you create a new 'mailing list' just for your own email address and any other people who you want to show your test messages to.

1. Click Mailing Lists from the Welcome Screen

2. Click 'New mailing list'

Then type a name for your test list, e.g 'Test List' and hit Enter to add the new list.

3. Click the list to select it and then click 'Manage Subscribers'.

4. Click 'Add subscriber'

Then type your name and email address in the boxes and hit enter to add yourself to the test list.

Next steps:

You can now follow the normal steps to send a message but use this this mailing list instead of your actual list.